Demonetization’s awesome but unintentional Results

Our dear Prime minister & his right-hand man are jubilant at the sudden turn of events in North Indian Elections. As always, the key word has been the patented Ache Din & Vikas.
But 1 crucial factor which also turned the elections his way is Demonetization of high valued currency notes.
It was an amazing decision which even I felt was a master-stroke that night. I felt happy that those who were corrupt would be brought to their knees while god and law fearing people like me would be breathing a sigh of relief
They had time to prepare for it and even necessary man-power. But alas, as we Indians(except ISRO & DRDO) do, we couldnt manage it.
To be frank, the management of demonetisation was left to the affected people of India themselves & the D-Team assumed that as Indians, we will find a way through it. Mr. Modi who has come from the lowest levels of Indian life knows 2 characters which define people of Indian Sub-continent.
a. Our ability to adjust according to the situation without being overtly violent due to our tolerant nature. For e.g. we can accomodate 4 instead of 5 on a train seat. We may show disapproval because of this inconvenience, but we wont fight to death. We grudgingly accept the change and move on. We dont even consider it a problem after few days and it then becomes a part of our life.
b. Our jealous nature. People from the Indian Sub-continent are inherently jealous and can’t stand being left behind. Instead of being inspired by our neighbour growing, we would rather pull him down and laugh at his misfortune. This same nature caused India to be invaded by Middle-eastern rulers and then by the British. Every poor is jealous of the rich. Every Rich is jealous of the other rich.
If an accident occurs between a car and a bike, the crowd which gathers around will bash the car driver. If a pedestrain is knocked down by a car driver, people wont care if the Pedestrain came in between. They will go against the car driver. This is how our mind is set up. This is how we are inherently. I hope someone proves me other-wise.

So when demonetization happened, people faced their problems with sweat on their brows, but a smile on their faces. The poor did curse the step but were seen happy that some rich somewhere is going to lose all his ill-gotten wealth. Daily wage workers lost their jobs as there was no cash, but they didnt cause riots. They just went back to their villages. Middle class didnt mind as they had their digital cards. Even they were happy to hear that crores of black money was being unearthed. The rich industrialists were happy too as they already had wisely converted these cash holdings into fixed assets.

But you might be wondering that you know all this, so whats the unintentional here?
The unintentional was the windfall recieved by so many poor Jan-dhan account holder’s across India. They had 0 in their account till date. And then Mr. Modi came to their rescue on Nov 8th. The landlords, Business-men, Factory Owners, etc all had their cash in hand. But they needed people to roll the cash from black to white. Many labourers from cities had gone back to their villages as no one could pay them. This manpower of poverty stricken individuals got a new lease of life due to Demonetization.

These Business men paid these poor & neglected people to stand in queue for them and exchange their cash for 10% to 30% premium.
The more people from a family, the more they could earn. This was a windfall which was not caste based nor religion based. Everyone benefitted. Hindus & Muslims alike. Muslims were in an even better position as they had lots of children who could bring in more cash.
This was the real diwali for the poor. And what did the government spent? Close to Nothing. Because, they just took money from the rich and gave it to the poor. The rich were able to to keep 70% of their ill-gotten wealth, while the poor got the rest.

Imagine the states where this happened on a large scale? Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and even Madhya Pradesh & Rajastan. All the states where we have rich enterpreneurs and huge number of poor people.

So when you heard the Demonetization stories of deaths & hardships, it was not fake. It was true. But a greater truth was that there were many people who came with someone else’s money to exchange even though there was ample time to exchange. They thought of it as their providence. And they praised the 1 person who did this for them. Mr. Modi. Maybe he didnt envision this after effect. Or, maybe he did. Hence he took the decision before UP Elections.
But this decision helped the poor to gain some money. And in turn every one of them voted BJP in UP elections. Hindus voted along with Muslims in gratitude for his emotional & financial help.
Similarly, the Maharashtra elections for Zilla Parishad & Municipal elections was won by the poor for BJP who were happy about their sudden enrichment.

I would like to hear from people who might disagree about the above reasons. Caste politics aside, everyone including Muslims voted for BJP to give them this astounding victory. Hence I believe that this unintentional consequence had a major effect.


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