Singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya: Why make Fuss when you are to blame

There is a chronology of events which lead to an uncalled Celebrity outrage against Twitter while some cavemen(aka Trolls) called for removal of Twitter Head whom they thought was from a different religion & country!!

If Abhijeet had been given moral education by his parents & teachers, he wouldn’t have been saying things which would bring his Mothers, sisters, Girl Friends, children & wife to shame. I had hoped that his account shouldn’t have been blocked so that we could teach our children, what not to do on Social Network.

Anyways, This is how it all started

  1. BJP IT Cell Member of Madhya Pradesh was arrested for Anti-National Activities. As always, our Media doesn’t have guts to show this on their news channels Nor there is a shouting match on prime-time about Nationalism by Loud-mouths & their cronies. Below are the screenshots & links from national newspapers.

it cellit cell2it cell3it cell4it cell5it cell6


As we can see, this was NOT a fake news. BJP IT cell quickly removed his information from their website, but google has caching. They can cache the older items. There are websites like, etc which provide back up of web pages as of some date.

2. Then there was another scandal in Bengal & MP, which as always, was ignored by our Media.



Here as well, it was denied that he had any links with BJP. But people found through social media that he is linked to many major MP Leaders. Only then they had to declare that he is removed from BJP.

MP Scandal

Bengal Scandal


3. Based on these 3 news items, Shehla posted the below Tweetshehla comment

Which was factually correct & she had every right to say it. It was not a rumor at all.


4. Then, we have our great singer doing the unthinkable which I hope it haunts his wife everyday of their life. This post should help her to understand her husband in a better way. I hope his children correct their father’s mistake by pointing it out to him.

abhi repliesabhi replies2abhi replies3

As this happened, Twitter had to suspend the account as it went not just against the code of conduct for the page, but also against how a civilized person treats the members of the opposite sex.

abhi replies4


So who was wrong here? Clearly Our Singer. But, as we know that since 2014, the country has been practically divided into Right Wing Vs others, this was termed as an injustice for Abhijeet. He was just expressing his right to Speech.

I again hope someone teaches these buffoons that right to free speech doesn’t imply that sexist comments demeaning a person’s character are acceptable without valid/conclusive(This is important) proof. I remember our Yale Graduate Smritiji got offended when someone patronized her as “Dear”. But I didn’t hear an outrage from her yet. But something happened to Sonu Nigam who too felt Twitter wronged Abhijeet. Same was felt by Paresh Rawal. Did they feign blindness to the proofs and the reasons for why it happened?

Lets hope that sanity prevails and the celebrities remember that they have a wife, mother & sister at home to whom they are answerable, forget about common folks like us.


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