Great Indian Ache Din!!!

Farmer: We have no money, we are mortgaging our lands for some cash.
Govt: No problem, Take the cash, I ll start a 0 deposit bank account for you. And then I ll call a big corporate to buy your land from money-lenders. Both of us win and ache din will be here.
Farmer: Without land I have no work, how to farm?
Govt: Dont worry, I ll give you bullet trains and debit cards. you can leave your village. Why do farming? Come to city and take job of cleaning in Malls or security gaurd in Houses.
Farmer: I cant do that, at least, let me live my last days feeding on the money given by money-lender until I beg.
Govt: Oh damn, how come you can still manage? Ok, lets close this once for all. I ll do demonetization of notes now. Your cash is of no use now. Go and exchange it and deposit in the account I forced you to open. Do this for national good.
Farmer: Now, I cant even feed my family nor I can get paid as my landowner doesnt have cash. I have exchanged 2000 Rs but cannot buy as grocers dont have change.
Govt: Then do 1 thing. Take one of the old Notes and go to Chemist or government hospitals. Buy some rat-kill with those old notes and take it. It will give you peaceful sleep. Ask your children to sing National Anthem and alongside think about our soldiers at the border. They will be happy too for the good of our nation. Ask your wife to stop doing farm work and apply for better jobs in Malls as a cleaners or house-helps. She will also be a part of the great Indian ache din. She will do it for the good of our nation


Life is really a shade of Gray, not black or white

I support Reservation based on financial stability, not based on caste. But this doesnt mean I am casteist
I supported a free tamil country in North Sri Lanka. But that didn’t mean I support LTTE
I support ideologically the rights of Tribals from Orissa & Chattisgarh, but this doesnt mean I support Maoist & Naxalites
I support ghar wapsi for my Kashmiri Pandit Brethren who were forced by the communal fanatics out of their land, but this doesn’t mean I am right wing
I support removal of indefinite AFSPA in Kashmir and return of police control of Kashmir valley, but this doesn’t mean I am Anti-National
I support ban on one sided and whimsical Triple Talaq by Muslim Law board, but that doesn’t mean I am anti-Islam
I support Jallikattu, Bail Pola, etc which have been part of our culture for thousands of years, but this doesn’t mean I am in-humane & animal hater
I support free will to eat Beef at home using Beef imported & packaged Outside India instead of being butchered in India, but this doesn’t mean I am anti-Hindu.
I empathize with Kashmiri youths who feel wronged by Indian state and shouted freedom from India, but this doesn’t mean I am for Azaad Kashmir
I support action against heinous & barbaric act of Godhra Train Massacre, but this doesn’t mean I am Anti-Muslim
I support action against evil perpetrators of Gujarat riots like Babu B & Maya K, but this doesn’t mean I am anti-Hindu
I support action against depraved catholic Priests who have broken their bond of celibacy and committed crime against young boys & girls, but this doesn’t mean I am anti-catholic
I support action against Dhongi Babas, tantriks & fakirs who take my Indians for a ride, but this doesn’t mean I am an atheist
I support rights for Transgenders & other rainbow groups but this doesn’t mean I am anti-religious
I support rights for abortion for rape victims & abortion for medical reasons, but this doesn’t mean I am Anti-Life
I support rights for women to act & do as they please without being viewed through restrictive social glasses, but this doesn’t mean I am westernised

I support all that is humane and right from my perspective.
My opinion can make me an enemy of a state, religion or caste. But this is what I feel.
You may point that I am confused so I don’t have an ideology, but not every ideology or religion is perfect.
Everything is flawed. It is for us to correct it.
Life is not always black or white. It is gray. It is not objective, it is really subjective and depends as per the situation

Please don’t follow Arnab or Barkha, Rahul Or Modi, Kanhaiyya or Anupam Kher, etc blindly.
Make your own opinion. Ponder over things which you receive on your time-lines & Watsapp. Always look both sides of the road before crossing.

How to remove corruption from INDIA-(An article in progress)

Its a far fetched idea, but decided to pen it down. I need people to go through this and raise all the doubts they have. I am finally a human. I will have limitations over my intellect. I would have made some blunders in my assumption. So I want you all to help me through this open forum. Your comments wont let me down. I ll be motivated to think about overcoming them. Even those who raise the doubts about fruitfulness of this plan can think about how to overcome the weaknesses they found out themselves. Let this article form the ground work for some great soul in future who will implement this. Among the wonderful minds, who are just now thinking about writing a punchline on Facebook Or Orkut, do give a shot to complete this long awaited Thesis for our motherland.

Now, to the nitty-gritty of building blocks. After quite a thought, I can think of one basic flaw, which if removed, surely can cut down on India’s corruption.
It is by stopping Indians from cash transaction dealings. Everything through POS.
Shut the Rupee down. Allow only card.Force people to use electronic money. Give deadline to convert Actual Cash to Electronic Money.
Once deadline over, then Rupee to be closed as a currency of Indian Federation.
Sentimental feeling about the father of our nation to be kept aside for now. He would be turning in his grave(pun intended) on seeing himself as a part of this great Indian under table circus. As this article progresses, I ll discuss some case studies to find out how effectively these concepts will be used in some real life situations.

Thus, for implementing this, the following need to be achieved:

1. Fibre Optic Communication lines across India. OR any other communication system which is robust and failsafe.
This should be implemented across villages to Cities.Every location where Indians reside or visit should have Fibre Optic Connectivity. Every electronic communication equipment to be in range. Energy source for Communication lines is the crux. This should be always available.
Every single link should have an alternate link for emergency. For other place there need to be Satellite based access.
The cost is going to be huge, but it will be justified in the long run.

2. An Online Failsafe ERP Implementation with Encrypted Databases clusters. Highly scalable Design based on UNIX systems without possibility of Infrastructure constraints OR Denial-of-Service.
This will be the Heart of the entire operation. Whole country’s information should be saved here at real time. If Amazon, HSBC, google can handle traffic as a private firm, surely INDIA can afford it.

2. Unique ID

Every Indian to have a Unique ID card with finger prints and retina scan data. Nandan N. has already started working towards it. This ID card to have a Homing chip installed for tracking the card location too.

3. Bank Account:

Every Indian to have a Bank account.Every child’s ID to have a linked account with Parents Back account. This should be the only system of transactions. Every buy or sell can be initiated through this Bank Account for an individual or Organisation.
3. POS

Every entity(which could be shop, government office, hospitals, police, army) which is providing service should have a Point of Service in India. POS should have a Finger Print scanner along with 2 card reader slots. POS should have SIM card slot/Internet access and can connect through emergency lines on Mobile services, such that it is always accessible.Every POS can be activated only by the entity owner’s ID. Every transaction above Rs. 10 should be through POS.
During the transaction, POS should have the ID of the Seller inserted into 1 slot while the other slot should have ID of the Buyer. Thus the Transaction key has the imprint of both seller and buyer with service tax. I am assuming that this is quite huge effort, but can be achieved.

I would also recommend a POS type device to be available in every government office of India. Thus when an employee comes to office, he needs to initiate the time Log by swiping the machine. Then he has to wear a monitoring device during his 8 hours in office(similar as in Big Boss episodes) This device is activated only when the Government employee has swiped his card at the POS AND he has inserted his Unique ID into it. The user has to be in range of POS else, the monitoring device switches off and logs the employee out for the day.Such incidents will be notified as a serious breach and only a genuine explanation can prevent the employee’s salary to be deducted.

Every such meetings between culprit and Senior have to be taped, else Both can be suspended.

I am a staunch Supporter of CCTV concept. The only way western Countries, Japan, Singapore are considered safe, is because of the strict monitoring of activities of any Entity in their country. This dissaudes Corruption to a large extend.

6. Land Mapping of entire country into Database.

Using our own satellite systems, we can map every square inch of this country. Based on the images, we can easily evaluate approximate land rates and feed into the system. Government Staff will put an approximate rate of a particular piece of land with reference to factors like location, population, convenience,etc.

This will be highly useful to deal with land registration scam effecting public treasury.
7. Public SSL based Portals

This will a very powerful Tool to prevent corruption in Tenders, not only for government related deals, but also private. It should be made mandatory that anyone selling a piece of land should upload the quote on the public portal. This will be linked to the Land rate figures and in case the quote is very low than the existing land rate of that area, then an explanation will be asked from the Seller. The conversation will be a taped and will happen during office hours only.

Similarly, for buying selling any government contract, the bid will be posted online and not visible to anyone. Once the bid result is out, then the quotation as well as the no of parties involved will be available for public viewing. Every discussion during opening the bids will be taped and all the documents scanned as soon as the tender is opened.

This is what I can think as of now.

Case studies: Cases where the above system has a very huge chance of failure as well as other issues which can prevent the implementation:


MAFIA-Land, Mining, etc.



Diamond Trade


Metal trading


young children working on signals etc.


Tribal areas

 Rest to follow…..

In case you have endured pain to scroll till this line, thank you. There is more to come as I get time.Please share your feedback so that I can improve this article.