Life is really a shade of Gray, not black or white

I support Reservation based on financial stability, not based on caste. But this doesnt mean I am casteist
I supported a free tamil country in North Sri Lanka. But that didn’t mean I support LTTE
I support ideologically the rights of Tribals from Orissa & Chattisgarh, but this doesnt mean I support Maoist & Naxalites
I support ghar wapsi for my Kashmiri Pandit Brethren who were forced by the communal fanatics out of their land, but this doesn’t mean I am right wing
I support removal of indefinite AFSPA in Kashmir and return of police control of Kashmir valley, but this doesn’t mean I am Anti-National
I support ban on one sided and whimsical Triple Talaq by Muslim Law board, but that doesn’t mean I am anti-Islam
I support Jallikattu, Bail Pola, etc which have been part of our culture for thousands of years, but this doesn’t mean I am in-humane & animal hater
I support free will to eat Beef at home using Beef imported & packaged Outside India instead of being butchered in India, but this doesn’t mean I am anti-Hindu.
I empathize with Kashmiri youths who feel wronged by Indian state and shouted freedom from India, but this doesn’t mean I am for Azaad Kashmir
I support action against heinous & barbaric act of Godhra Train Massacre, but this doesn’t mean I am Anti-Muslim
I support action against evil perpetrators of Gujarat riots like Babu B & Maya K, but this doesn’t mean I am anti-Hindu
I support action against depraved catholic Priests who have broken their bond of celibacy and committed crime against young boys & girls, but this doesn’t mean I am anti-catholic
I support action against Dhongi Babas, tantriks & fakirs who take my Indians for a ride, but this doesn’t mean I am an atheist
I support rights for Transgenders & other rainbow groups but this doesn’t mean I am anti-religious
I support rights for abortion for rape victims & abortion for medical reasons, but this doesn’t mean I am Anti-Life
I support rights for women to act & do as they please without being viewed through restrictive social glasses, but this doesn’t mean I am westernised

I support all that is humane and right from my perspective.
My opinion can make me an enemy of a state, religion or caste. But this is what I feel.
You may point that I am confused so I don’t have an ideology, but not every ideology or religion is perfect.
Everything is flawed. It is for us to correct it.
Life is not always black or white. It is gray. It is not objective, it is really subjective and depends as per the situation

Please don’t follow Arnab or Barkha, Rahul Or Modi, Kanhaiyya or Anupam Kher, etc blindly.
Make your own opinion. Ponder over things which you receive on your time-lines & Watsapp. Always look both sides of the road before crossing.