So much Hype, nothing to show

What we see below is the latest rankings for ease of doing business by world agencies.

The impression build in my country is that India is the best destination for Business. We have got the highest FDI among major economies and that is all thanks to our Super-human PM. He has convinced our gullible Janta, that he has brought superb governance and has brought the feel good factor back into the country. Hence people are investing money here. They are making in India.

But is it really happening?
Just check the latest ratings about ease of doing business. India is still languishing at 130. And no my brethren this is not due to the last 60 years as we opened up our market only since 1992.
As a matter of fact, our Right-wing brigade’s bogey-man Pakistan is the top 10 most improved country for ease of doing business.
But I didnt hear them shouting on top of their voice, except when they get bombed by their self-created terrorism.
I didnt hear Make in Pakistan or Troll army talking about Nwaz Sharif working for 18 hours. But they still managed this feat.

How I may ask? And the answer is simple
To get reforms done, you have to have working relationship with the opposition parties. You need to discuss and agree to few points from them. You need to keep the ball rolling. Get the bills passed. You cant talk about peeping into other people’s bathroom and watch someone taking shower with their raincoats on. You can’t go about your vindictive politics. You have to take everyone together. You don’t have to agree to all. But empathize with the demands and work on it.

Pakistan did just that. Other than the chatter box Imran who everyday wants to lay seize to Islamabad, politicians across their party lines worked together to get their reforms passed in parliament. That’s how you do it in a democracy. You dont bull-doze things.

Congratulations to Pakistan for their effort. But we ll surely take a leap forward by next year as GST has been agreed now.

Ease of doing business