Long Term Jobs: The real Opium for the Masses

We have heard of Religion as an opium for the masses. For India, even cricket does the same work. Special mention should be made about hyper Nationalism, Sanskaar, regionalism & Caste-ism etc which reach the same zeal. But all of these grades of opium would crack open our federal structure in some way or the other. A society addicted to these substances will eventually fall into chaos and disintegration. Its high time some common sense prevails.

The person whom I trusted the most to actually get us out of it is now my Prime Minister. A person who has seen and lived his life through all the above addictions. His Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikaas was the best thing I have ever heard from an Indian Prime-Minister. Earlier, it was either Jawan or kisan or garib or Bahujan or Muslim. This was fresh. This was inspiring. This brought us together to do something for the country for the first time. We knew it could happen if everyone works together under his guidance.

But alas, this veil is thinning as days go by. In the recently concluded UP Elections, it was close to invisible. Falsified Vikas bandwagon was taken over by Akhilesh. While our Vikas Purush’s right-hand man was busy collecting votes based on Jatav-Non Jatav, OBC minus Yadav, Brahmin, etc. Forget about sabka saath, we even heard about Diwali & Eid as 2 different entities or to put it harshly, as competing festivals in my country. But anyways, the election was not won just because of polarization, but due to bad governance of regional parties for last 14 years.

So why am I being cynical of my PM in just 3 years even though I understand that infrastructural changes can infact take time to complete and implement. My cynicism only arises from the fact that him and his ministers’ constant barrage of half-truth about the state of Indian economy. And then we have the paid IT Troll brigade who constantly drum up these numbers a million times to add it subconsciously in the minds young and old alike. In this generation of click & share, no one gives a second thought whether the information is true or false. It is forwarded and just as a ponzi scheme, everyone is duped. The gossips at chai-shop, nukkads, kitty parties with limited audience are now talk of an entire country.

The only way sanity will prevail is when these free sitting idle minds are given work. Once they start working, they wont have time for their idle brains to spew venom on social media. They being productive, means more people buying, which in turn higher production and more jobs.  Instead of the aforesaid opium, I would want my government to give this opium for the masses. Instead of grants for isolating gold from Cow urine, I would suggest additional grants to improve farm productivity. Instead of spending money on advertising Make in India, lets actually make something in India. Instead of giving MNREGA to dig wells, lets actually plant some trees to increase forest cover and slow down the fast moving rain clouds due to wind. Instead of blaming the decline in exports, think of how innovatively we can ramp up our domestic consumption. Instead of talking about Ache din, please do something to bring them. Instead of blaming the previous 60 years like a nagging wife, do something so that we dont blame you 60 years later.

Lets hope our PM who has got the best mandate in years finally starts delivering on ground by bringing in jobs instead of those holistic numbers based on organized sector in an agrarian country called GDP. Let our Indians get addicted to Opium, an opium called Jobs.

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