Formula for Ache Din: GDP(Market Price) = GDP(Factor Cost) + Indirect Taxes – Subsidies

How to get the Ache Din? Atleast on Paper
PLAN A: Really bring about ache din by increasing lots of Jobs with simultaneous reduction in corruption
PLAN B: Either change the criteria of what Ache Din feels like & make people believe that ache din have come

Mr. Modi would have rightly felt that 5 years is quite a short period to achieve plan A. So he took on Plan B with utter dedication.
He hired a Yes Man for the job aka Arun Jaitley who would pursue Plan B with utmost zeal

Now we come to How this can be done:
Branding the intellectuals & NGOs as people who are part of this corrupt system, he managed to distance the common people away from their opinions. He portrayed them as the monsters responsible for common peoples’ misery. Such was the fervor that whatever the right-wing narrative plays, is the only truth in India nowadays.
Then he changed the way we calculate GDP. He managed to feed this Doped Janta, that high GDP means Ache Din. High GDP means India is growing faster.
So the Ache din Formula was tweaking how we calculated growth till date.

GDP(Market Price) = GDP(Factor Cost) + Indirect Taxes – Subsidies
Rather than going into details, I ll only touch Indirect Taxes and Subsidies

Mr. Modi brought in new taxes, Services Cess, surcharges, transaction charges, etc
By sheer luck, he got elected when the oil price fell as well as the commodity market. So he got a chance to reduce subsidies.
He exorted the doped Janta to give up subsidies. He pushed for digital economy to bring more people under indirect taxes.

Just by touching these 2 items, he managed to increase GDP. He is an extremely good orator and can be compared in this skill only next to Adolf Hitler. He sold it to his fans and foes alike.

Mr. Singh, Amartya Sen, etc didnt explain this┬ásimple formula of what he did to achieve these numbers. They couldn’t simplify and explain this to our doped janta of what happened.

But his luck will run out.
Oil price will rise and so would the commodity. GDP is still dependent on what people produce & people sell. There is a buyer’s market now. This will lose steam soon. And then it will be seller’s market. And imagine people reduce their spending. Then where would Mr. Jaitley run?


Great Indian Ache Din!!!

Farmer: We have no money, we are mortgaging our lands for some cash.
Govt: No problem, Take the cash, I ll start a 0 deposit bank account for you. And then I ll call a big corporate to buy your land from money-lenders. Both of us win and ache din will be here.
Farmer: Without land I have no work, how to farm?
Govt: Dont worry, I ll give you bullet trains and debit cards. you can leave your village. Why do farming? Come to city and take job of cleaning in Malls or security gaurd in Houses.
Farmer: I cant do that, at least, let me live my last days feeding on the money given by money-lender until I beg.
Govt: Oh damn, how come you can still manage? Ok, lets close this once for all. I ll do demonetization of notes now. Your cash is of no use now. Go and exchange it and deposit in the account I forced you to open. Do this for national good.
Farmer: Now, I cant even feed my family nor I can get paid as my landowner doesnt have cash. I have exchanged 2000 Rs but cannot buy as grocers dont have change.
Govt: Then do 1 thing. Take one of the old Notes and go to Chemist or government hospitals. Buy some rat-kill with those old notes and take it. It will give you peaceful sleep. Ask your children to sing National Anthem and alongside think about our soldiers at the border. They will be happy too for the good of our nation. Ask your wife to stop doing farm work and apply for better jobs in Malls as a cleaners or house-helps. She will also be a part of the great Indian ache din. She will do it for the good of our nation